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Often when you start building websites. You will need to connect with several different people when you book a domain for yourself, get a graphic design, book a maintenance service, get a website developer, or pay someone else who does all this for you. At Tietoketu, we offer all of these services included in the same website subscription and we are committed to helping you continue to update your website. You get to subscribe to and manage all your services from one place.

Website creation

Designing and creating websites for sale is always a big challenge. The site must be easy to use and the products must be easily accessible. If the products are not categorized enough, it can be difficult to find the desired product. There must also be sufficient payment methods so that the customer does not leave products in the shopping cart when they find that the online store does not support the desired payment method. When you order websites from us, you don’t have to have a ready-made plan for these. In connection with the order, we design, implement, install and in the future also maintain the pages we create in our own service. Our website packages also have a satisfaction guarantee.

Business card pages


A site package works great for power when you only want one page that reads all the essentials.

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This package is for the customer who wants more page templates as well as pages for their page.

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Online stores


The package is suitable for a customer who wants to set up their own online store.

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This package includes custom customizations, such as integration into an existing system.

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All packages also include:
Installation service
Technical support
Domain name
Email server