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Reseller packages

Web hosting reseller packages are designed for businesses that want to offer web hosting services to their customers. This web hosting is identical to Tietoketun's regular Web hosting package, but you can brand it with your own logos if desired. You can also create different packages for your customers and adjust their features.

This means that the system also runs on the popular cPanel, allowing you to provide the best for your customers. Additionally, you can offer your customers additional software such as antivirus scanners, backup software, and the Softaculous application store. These are not standard features of cPanel but are included in our offerings.

Using these features is also easy because the system supports both Finnish and English. If desired, you can also explore our knowledge base, where you will find instructional articles in both languages. With the help of these guides and the support provided by our customer service, you will certainly get started smoothly.



Starter package

For beginner resellers 9,98 119,76 Offer

  • 5 user accounts
  • 20Gt disk space
  • 100 databases
  • 4,5Tb traffic limit
  • 20 FTP-users accounts
  • 25 email addresses
  • Reseller capability


A functional and reliable solution. 19,98 239,76 Offer

  • 15 user accounts
  • 40Gt disk space
  • 500 databases
  • 10Tb traffic limit
  • 50 FTP-users accounts
  • 150 email addresses
  • Reseller capability


For extensive reselling, suitable for experienced professionals. 49,99 599,88 Offer

  • 40 user accounts
  • 80Gt disk space
  • ∞ databases
  • ∞ traffic limit
  • ∞ FTP-users accounts
  • ∞ email addresses
  • Reseller capability
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Four reasons to choose Tietokettu

Control panel

Tietokettu's web hosting services utilize the popular control panel system called cPanel, which is the most renowned web hosting system worldwide.

High-performance servers

All reseller package services operate on fast SSD drives and are located in Finland, ensuring a short response time.

Additional services

Our cPanel includes additional services such as backup tool, virus scanner, and application store.

Customer service

Mistakes and incidents can happen at any time, which is why fast and knowledgeable customer service is a truly important feature.

Mostly asked Questions

How does the Reseller Package differ from the regular Web Hosting product?

The Reseller Package allows you to create sub-accounts for customers in addition to your own account. Otherwise, the packages have identical features.

Can I provide web hosting services to my customers with my own branding?

Yes, you can add your own logo and company color theme to the cPanel user control panel. This allows you to personalize the service and make it unique to your brand.

Why should I purchase Tietokettu's reseller package?

Tietokettu's cPanel also includes complimentary additional services such as a backup tool, virus scanner, and application store.

Are Tietokettu's web services fast?

All of Tietokettu's web services utilize fast SSD drives and the popular cPanel control panel system. With these features, our web services are lightning-fast and operate smoothly.

Can my customers install WordPress on my products?

Yes, your customers can install WordPress on your products through the easy application store.

Where are the servers for the reseller packages located?

All our services are located in Lempäälä, Finland. It's a great place to be.


Fast support.

Tietokettu's support helping you everyday. You can contact support to discord, e-mail, ticket and you can call.


You do not need to buy a separate support service because all customers are equally important to us!


We have a lot of product packages from small to large, which makes our service adapt to every customer.

Technical qualification

Often, customer service is only responsible for sales, but we also have information technology skills for support situations.

Wide selection

Thanks to a wide range of products, you may want to order all services from us to avoid extra adjustment between different service providers.

Product Guarantee

If for some reason the product does not work as expected, we will not charge for a period when the product has been in unusable condition.