The price of €5/month remains the same regardless of the game!

The game server runs around the clock!

Each game server is available at the time purchased for it at each time of the day. Let nothing stop you from having fun today or tomorrow!

Easy-to-use control panel

Why should managing a game server be difficult? That's right! You can start and stop your game server easily with a click of the mouse!

Enough resources

Running out of RAM or CPU power? We always add more if your server crashes due to lack of it when the server has no memory leaks or other errors!

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Massive number of game servers

We are trying to add as many game servers as possible so that everyone can find the game server they like. However, we don't always succeed in this and that's why we need your help. Is there a server you want missing from our selection? Create an auxiliary suit about it, and we'll be happy to add it to our selection.
Game Servers - Massive number of game servers
Unlimited resources

What does unlimited resources mean?

It means that we will add as many resources to you as your gaming moment needs. On the right, you can see how much we can give you for any resource so that your game time is not interrupted. You can always increase these values ​​with a support ticket.

8 - 128 GB


3.5 GHz

CPU Frequency

20 - 500GB

Disk space


Network speed

We also serve you on Discord!

Join our Discord where you can ask for help with any problem!

Game Servers - We also serve you on Discord!

Frequently asked questions

Can I pay for my game server with Paysafecard?

Unfortunately, we do not support this payment method. You can pay by card, Mobilepay and Paypal
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