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What is the difference between business package and a webhotel?

Today, websites are subjected to a lot of cyberattacks, which is why the importance of data security is increasing day by day. Websites are also a 'technical device' that requires care to remain secure. Thanks to this package, we assist and provide support in managing these matters and advise you on solutions. The business package is designed to suit your needs if you want to outsource the IT maintenance of your website to another party.

While a regular web hosting package is a cost-effective solution, it is important to note that any website can become a target for data breaches and system failures. In the event of a data breach, our Business package provides dedicated support to help you overcome the situation, ensuring that you are not left alone to handle it. On the other hand, a regular web hosting package offers support focused on ensuring the availability of our services and resolving related questions and issues.

Our company packets

-Points marked with are explained below:



Solutions for problems 20,00 200,00 Starting at

  • Emails 
  • Website support 
  • Priority Support 
  • Update support 


Fast support! 40,00 400,00 Starting at

  • Emails 
  • Website support 
  • Priority Support 
  • Update support 


A sure choise! 60,00 600,00 Starting at

  • Emails 
  • Website support 
  • Priority Support 
  • Update support 

Note these!

While a regular web hosting is a cost-effective solution, it comes with the risk of a security breach and system failure. In the event of a security breach, we guarantee support in our Business package, so you won't be left alone. On the other hand, a regular web hosting package only provides support to ensure the availability of our services and address related questions and issues.


Email is fast, easy to use, and allows you to communicate efficiently with customers, partners, and employees. Our service also provides robust data security, protecting your personal information, so you can be confident that your data remains safe.

Our email account also offers the opportunity to professionally brand your company online. You can create a personalized email address using your company name, which helps you stand out from the crowd and create a professional impression for your customers and partners.

Website support

If you use WordPress, we can solve any issues related to your website engine in no time. The purpose of the package is to fix any malfunctions that may occur on your website, but not everything is always fixable. Your website can only be repaired if it uses technology that still receives security updates. Situations that cannot be fixed include cases where your website is several years old and uses outdated technology that no longer receives further development or support (similar to an old version of Windows whose support has ended), or if the creator of your website has done careless work, resulting in visual errors on the website.

Priority Support

The prioritized support service provides you with the fastest possible support we can offer. When you contact us and express your issues, we will solve your problem as soon as it arrives at our workstation, typically on the next business day.

Update support

Do bits in space feel like gibberish to you or does technology sometimes seem to work against you? We, here in Tietokettu, got your back! With our Update Assistance Package, we help you make minor content updates to your website. Need to modify your pricing lists? Consider it done! Want to replace an old image with a new one? No problem! Have outdated text on your website that needs to be replaced? Done in a snap!

With this feature, we allocate up to 2 hours per month, as needed, for content updates on your WordPress website, giving you a sigh of relief. However, please note that this service does not cover website development or adding new features to your site.


Fast support.

Tietokettu's support helping you everyday. You can contact support to discord, e-mail, ticket and you can call.


You do not need to buy a separate support service because all customers are equally important to us!


We have a lot of product packages from small to large, which makes our service adapt to every customer.

Technical qualification

Often, customer service is only responsible for sales, but we also have information technology skills for support situations.

Wide selection

Thanks to a wide range of products, you may want to order all services from us to avoid extra adjustment between different service providers.

Product Guarantee

If for some reason the product does not work as expected, we will not charge for a period when the product has been in unusable condition.

Do these packages prevent all data breaches?

Data breaches can never be completely prevented, but they can be mitigated and, if they occur, the fixable aspects can be addressed. This package provides you with peace of mind knowing that your website's security has been taken care of proactively. Managing security is not a one-time button press; it requires constant monitoring. Even if you purchase secure and functional websites from an advertising agency, vulnerabilities may be discovered within a few months if the security is not actively maintained. It depends on when a vulnerability is found in the technology used by the website.

Mostly asked Questions

Does the Business package include a domain?

All domains are billed separately.

What additional costs will I have when purchasing this package?

In addition to domain names and the business package, they are not included by default. They are necessary to get your website and emails up and running. Please remember that the package does not cover website development/creation work, so you must already have a pre-existing website. For any inquiries regarding website creation operations, please feel free to ask our customer service for more information.

When should I buy a Webhotel?

When you want to manage the maintenance yourself or have someone else to handle it, web hosting packages are a cost-effective and suitable solution for customers with technical skills or support from acquaintances. Web hosting, like all products, includes support for issues related to the product itself, but it does not cover situations where your website has broken or encountered other technical problems, for example.

Sometimes I need help updating my sites

No worries, the website update assistance is here to help you with that. With the update assistance, we will guide you in using your website and ensure that you place images, texts, and everything else in the right locations. We also provide assistance with any usage issues related to CPanel (Please note that the update assistance is only applicable to WordPress-based websites). However, the update assistance does not cover ongoing website development or creation; its purpose is to assist you with updating the content of your website.

'My website doesn't have anything important, so its security doesn't matter...'

This is a familiar statement, but it is usually not accurate. When a website is compromised, it can potentially expose other accounts and devices to data breaches. In the worst-case scenario, the security threat can extend beyond your website and compromise other accounts. That's why it is advisable to use different passwords for each platform. Your website may also be used for phishing purposes, where hackers modify your site to deceive visitors and attempt to collect sensitive information, such as banking details, in your name. Even if your website doesn't contain anything important itself, a breach can provide hackers with a gateway to access other places where sensitive data resides.

Did you have questions and couldn't find an answer to your questions?

In this situation, you should contact us directly so that we can find a solution that suits you together.

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