Click Services and then Webhosting

Choose first do you want monthly or yearly package. Choose right package and click it "Choose Package"

Enter your own domain name that you want and choose which terminal you want it to be. After that, check if it is already in use or if you have to invent another one.

You can also choose different options at this stage if you already have a domain name yourself.

Choose billing cycle you want.

Select the appropriate additional services DNS management and/or ID protection. After that, enter your Finnish social security number, Foreigner birth date or Register Number.

Here you can still make changes to the order or continue shopping. If you have received a discount code, you can now use it. After that, you just press pay.

You can still make changes to the payer and user.

Finally, you need to put a tick on the marked spot. And confirm the order.

Choose the appropriate payment method and pay. Or choose an invoice.

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