Adding a Payment Card to Your Account


Hello and welcome to the guide on how to add a payment card to your account. We recommend adding a payment card to make paying bills in the future as easy as child's play. With this guide, you can add a bank card or a PayPal payment card.

First, let's head to our customer area, as shown in the image below: (You can also access the customer area directly from here)


Next, click on the "Invoices" text in the top menu. Then, click on the "Payment Cards" section in the directory. See the demonstration image below:

Next, click the "Add New Credit Card" button. See the demonstration image below:

You can now choose the type of payment card you want from the menu above. If you want to use a bank-issued card like Visa or MasterCard, select the top option. If you have a PayPal payment card, select the lower option. See the demonstration image below:

Next, we add the card itself. Fill in the forms with your chosen card details.

Basic Card Payment:
(Enter the correct details in the form fields and press the "Pay Now" button. This button only saves and verifies the card's existence with the card issuer.)

Adding a PayPal Card:
(Fill in all the form fields and add your correct billing address. Finally, press the "Save" button.)

That's it. You have now added a payment card to your account. See the demonstration image below:

If you have any questions or if any part of the instructions is unclear, please contact support directly, for example, through the customer area!

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