1) Common

By purchasing products from Tietokettu, you will have to accept the terms of service and the privacy policy.
You are responsible that your service applies by laws regarding your service.
The service must abide by Finnish law, and if you do not accept our license, you can not purchase or use our services.

2) Product cancellation

If you cancel a product it will remain active for the paid time until the next billing date, and no refunds will be given for paid services.
Tietokettu holds all rights to suspend service to a customers product if it is necessary.

3) Issues with the product

If the product doesn't perform expectedly you should contact Tietokettu customer support.
Tietokettu is only responsible on keeping the product online, and Tietokettu holds no responsibility on the customers own systems operation.

4) Data backups

Tietokettu provides data backups to some of it's services, goal of this is to advance taking backups.
This does not mean that Tietokettu is responsible on taking backups so the responsibility of backups goes to the customer.

5) Technical issues

Tietokettu is not responsible for issues cause by technical issues, for example: Possible service suspension or data loss.
Tietokettu will provide technical support and promises to fix all issues in a period of 30 days, if the issue(s) are due to Tietokettu's payment system or control panels.

6) Changes to ToS (Terms of service)

Tietokettu holds all rights to change its ToS and privacy policy at all times without an notice, changes is the contract will affect already existing customers.
If the customer doesn't want to accept the new changes they should cancel their product immediately