In this tutorial I will show you how to do backup files on Softaculous apps. I will use WordPress for an example.

1. First you need to log in to your cPanel account

2. Then scroll down at the bottom of the page. There is "Softculous Apps Installer", click the app where you want to take backups. In my case I choose WordPress.

3. When you are at the app page there is "Current Installations" and there is a little icon, press it so you get to the app management page, its in the bottom right corner.

4. When you are in this page there is "Backup" button, click it to setup the backup.

5. You can use the default settings or if there is something you want to change you can change it. When you are ready just press "Backup installation" button.



It might take a while when it's doing the backup, so be patient. You will get an email when the backup is ready.

I hope that this guide was helpful, if there is any problems please contact us.

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