In this article I will show you how you can create webhotel packages. Webhotel packages are packages you can set to any user and they contain different settings.


1. First log in to cPanel


2. Then scroll down until you see "Advanced" category and click "Webhost Manager".


3. When you are in the Webhost Manager, you can search tools from the left. Search for "Packages" and click "Add a package".


4. When you are creating a new package you can specify different options and restrictions. Lets look what all of these settings means.

-Disk Space = Means how much disk space the user will have in total.

-Monthly Bandwidth Limit = Monthly bandwidth in megabytes. Bandwidth means the speed or capacity of data traffic, i.e. how much data can travel in a data network in a certain time. You can think of it like the width of the road, which determines how many cars can pass through the road at a given time.

-Max FTP Accounts =Maximum number of FTP accounts. FTP user means a user who can log in to the FTP server. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocol used to transfer files between computers on the Internet. With these accounts you can, for example, transfer website files.

-Max Email Accounts = Maximum amount of email accounts that the user can create.

-Max Mailing Lists = Maximum amount of email lists that the account can create.

-Max SQL Databases = Maximum number of SQL databases. SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database language used for database management and data processing. A database is like a large warehouse where you can store and organize various information such as names, addresses, product information and more.

-Max Sub Domains = Maximum number of subdomains. A subdomain is a way of dividing a large web environment into smaller parts. It helps computers find each other and communicate with each other online.

-Max Parked Domains Maximum number of parked domains. A parked domain name means a domain name that has been acquired but is not currently being actively used. It's like an empty plot of land that you can later build a website on or use as an email address.

-Max Addon DomainsMaximum number of additional domains. An additional domain name means an additional domain name that has been added alongside an existing domain name. You can think of it like getting another name tag on the door of a house with a different name or purpose.

-Max Passenger ApplicationsThe maximum number of passenger applications, e.g. taxi services use them.

-Maximum Hourly Email by Domain Relayed = How many emails can the user send in a hour

-Maximum percentage of failed or deferred messages a domain may send per hour = The percentage of failed or delayed messages in the total number of messages sent per hour.

-Max Quota per Email Address (MB) = E-mail storage capacity, when the capacity is reached no more e-mails can be sent to the e-mail account.

-Dedicated IP  = Dedicated IP address means a unique IP address for one device and it can avoid network problems.

Shell Access = Shell access allows you to control your computer or server directly using commands. For example, you can create, edit, and delete files, install software, view and edit database information, or perform other system-level tasks. Shell access is generally intended for advanced users such as programmers or system administrators who need deeper access to computer or server functions.

-CGI Access = CGI access means access to Common Gateway Interface programs. CGI access is usually intended for more advanced users, such as web developers or system administrators

-Digest Authentication at account creation = An identification method that helps prevent hackers from getting user data.

-cPanel Theme = cPanel theme.

-Feature List Feature list from which you can choose which features are given to the user. "Default" is good for a basic user who needs basic features.

Locale = You can use "locale" to change the language.

When you are ready to create the new package just press the blue button that says "Add".


I hope that this guide was helpful and if there is any problems please contact us.


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