In this article, I'll explain what Feature Manager is and what you can do with it. Feature Manager allows you to give users settings to manage web server features and settings.


1. Log in to cPanel. (


2. Scroll down the page until you see the "Additional Features" section and click on "Webhost Manager".


3. In Webhost Manager, search for "Feature Manager" on the left side and click on it.

4. When you are in Feature Manager, you can create a new "Feature list", which you can then assign to a specific user when creating a new user.


5. To create a new list, give it a name first and then click the blue button labeled "Add Feature list".

6. After clicking the "Add Feature List" button, a large list will appear where you can configure various features. If you want to add all features, check the checkbox next to "All".


7. Once you have selected your desired settings, click the blue "Save" button.


8. After saving the list, you can assign it to a user when creating a new user or web hosting package.


I hope this guide helped you create a new feature list. If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please contact us.

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