Rust Gaming Server purchasing and accessing 

Here i'll be explaining how to purchase, and access a Rust game server.

  • What is this gaming server?
  • How do i buy a Project Rust gaming server?
  • Server usage

What is this gaming server?

Gaming-server is a service, which allows you to easily host a server to play with your friends. We offer gaming servers, due to how nowadays its been made difficult with LTE-networks and NAT type limitations. With these power full servers you'll get to host a game server, for a game of your choosing from our selection. And our reliable security measures will make your gaming experience uninterrupted.

How do i buy a Rust gaming server?

First of all were gonna head to Tietokettu website, and head to “Services” → “Gaming-servers”, on the upper menu. 

Now you'll get to choose 7 days to die, from our offerings. If the game isn't visible click the "Latest games" for more games. Click on its picture to access the ordering screen.


After opening the ordering screen, and you'll get to choose some options. 


Choose a suitable billing cycle


Choose enough disk space for your needs


You can also take server backups, if our servers suffer outages or some other complications, your server data will remain safe.

After finishing your order, just return to your "Dashboard" and scroll down a little bit to see the product, or click “Your services”.

Click "Manage" to manage the product. For example updating your server, changing passwords and cancelling the subscription. Below the product info you'll find “Go to panel” button where you can login to your gaming server's control panel.

Server usage

After opening the game, in the main menu press "F1" on your keyboard or which ever key you have the console assigned to.

In the console write “client.connect” followed by the IP address and Port, which you can find on the website as shown previously.

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