Buy a VPS-server and perform the installation operations (Please buy the Small -package or bigger):
  1. Install Windows server 2008 R2 from the VPS-panel (
  2. Connect to server with VNC connection (Remember that VNC has a different IP address)
  3. Retrieve the Windows server 2008 key (Select Windows Server 2008 R2 product key)
  4. Open a command prompt as an administrator (Right click on the program and select run as Administrator)
  5. At the command prompt, run the command: slmgr.vbs /ipk Product-key-here
  6. At the command prompt, run the command: slmgr /skms
  7. At the command prompt, run the command: slmgr /ato
After this, Windows is activated. To install system updates, perform the following steps according to the video
To resolve this issue, install a patch update


If the above updates do not work, you may have installed the wrong update package. Note that you must install Windows server 2008 R2 for each update!

The first time you press the Check for Updates button, the check time can take at worst six hours. So you haven't done anything wrong if Windows Update doesn't provide upgradeable packages within minutes. After the upgrade package is selected, install the packages and restart the server. Then check for updates again and install them. Repeat this until no more updates are found.
If you do not upgrade to the latest update, earlier versions of Windows server 2008 may be a SIGNIFICANT security risk.
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