In this guide I will show how to install and equip SMF.

1. First, login to cPanel and search for Softaculous Apps Installer, you can find it in the "Software" section.

2. When you are in the app store, there is a list on the left with "Forums" and when the list opens select "SMF".

3. When you are on the installation page, press "Install" and set the administrator username and password for your forum. You can also set the page name in "Board Settings" on this page.

4. Once you have configured the settings you want, go to the bottom of the page and press "Install".
5. When the installation is complete, you can log in to your page with the address you specified on the installation page. For example:

6. When you are logged in as a system administrator, you can, for example, download different layouts for pages or create new users. The home page normally looks like this:

Hope this helped you to install SMF, if you have any problems please contact us.
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