Installing Pretashop through Cpanel


  • Installing Pretashop through Cpanel
  • Customisation
  • Adding products
  • Adding a payment method
  • Installing a theme


Installing Pretashop through Cpanel

First we log into, in there you want to scroll down the list until you find "softaculous apps installer".

In Softaculous you will find the search bar on the left upper corner, and now just search for Pretashop and click on the search result.

In the installation window, Choose "install". Set your Email and password, choose the desired app version. Its recommended to clear out the "in directory" section as show.

Scroll down and press install

After the installation has been completed, you can now open the application. In the Softaculous frontpage click the installations box, and there you'll see all the installed software including Pretashop. Find the Pretashop installation and click the "login as admin" button to proceed.


On the first page, you'll see the side panel with different options. Find "catalog" -> "Categories", and go through those.

In the "Categories" section you will be able to view all the product categories, and edit them. Click "edit" on the pen icon, or if its not visible just click the 3 dots and it should give you the option to edit.

Here you can change the category names, as well as the descriptions or change their status and add pictures.


Adding products

First we return to the starting page, and locate "catalog" -> "Products" on the left hand panel.


Adding a new product can be done by clicking the "create new product" option.

In this example were creating a virtual product, you could do the same for now as practise.

In this screen you'll first get to choose a name and add some pictures.

Then add some information about the product

You can also choose a category for the product, or make a new one for in right now.

You can also check out the other options, they offer more features such as the price of the item etc.

You can view your new product like this. On the front page locate "view my product" on the upper right corner, that opens a customer view of the store.


Adding a payment method

Now were adding a way for customers to purchase the products, in this case we'll be using PayPal. On the frontpage locate "payments" and from there "payment methods".

In this screen you'll get several options, but for this were gonna choose the pretashop checkout which happens to include paypall. 

Click on "configure"

After this you'll have to input some credentials and such, then everything should be set.

Installing a theme

To install a theme you'll firstly need a theme, which you can download from various sites for free. Just find one you like, and fits your shop the best.

After downloading the theme onto your PC as a ZIP file, move to Cpanel. in the Cpanel frontpage you'll want to find "files" and under it the "file controll" option as shown.

Here you'll click "public_html".

Then select the file corresponding to your prestashop installation, select it by double clicking the icon.

Find the "themes" file, and double click the icon.

in the "themes" file, find the "upload" option on the upper menu bar as show.

Select your ZIP theme file

Return to the Pretashop frontpage, and on the side panel find "design" -> "theme&logo". From it select "add new theme".


Here you'll find the "import from FTP" option. Click on the show bar, and you should find the uploaded theme ZIP file here. Click "save" after choosing it.

Return to the  "themes&logo" section, and now the new theme should be visible at the bottom. Choose it as the active theme, and there should be message if it went succesfully.

You'll get to see what it looks like by clicking "view my store", which you'll again find on the front page in the upper right corner of the menu bar. 




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