Navigate to search bar and type in -->setupp Node.js App. Then click on CREATE APPLICATION on your right. After that select the version you would want, Newest version is automatically selected. You can choose application mode, Development mode or Production mode. Choose Development mode. Then name the root folder and application URL as site. Then click on create.


Now navigate to File Manager. You can now see that cPanel has created a new folder with the name of the application. Click it open.



Now we can see the app.js folder, click on it and edit.

Click edit.

We can now see this code and on the line 4 it says "It works" We can now change that message into a "Hello world." click  on "Save changes".




You have now succesfully installed Node.jss application.

You can search for the app from search bar. And it should take you to your application. Remember to always save and restart your application when you make changes.


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