Change language in cPanel.

Choose your profile and "change language" (Vaihda kieli).

Next choose your language.



Create an email

In cPanel you will find tools for creating and managing email accounts for your domain. You can set email controls and filters.

Log in to your cPanel account at

When you're signed in. Select email accounts.


Select "+Create".


Enter the email address and password of the user you want to use, and then click "+Create".


Once you have created a mail user, return to the Email Accounts page where you can see the created email users and press "Manage".


Once on the management page, under "Storage" select the option "Unlimited". When you're done, scroll down the page and click "Update email settings" to save your settings.


Be sure to update email settings.




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  4. Change language and Create email
  5. WordPress Deployment
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