In this guide I will show you how you can add new email accounts in cPanel.

1. First log in to your cPanel account.

2. Then at first in the tools list there is "E-mail" and "Email accounts" click the "Email accounts".

3. When you are in this page press the button that says "Round

4. Then add the username and password for your new email account and click "Round".

5. Now you can see your new email account in this list, but let's change the storage size because it's only 1Gb. Click the "Possession" button.

6. When you are in the settings list there is "Storage" part and there is "Allocated storage space" and under that there is an option to choose unlimited storage space so click it.

7. Then scroll down to the bottom and there is "Save changes" button, press it to save changes.

I hope that this guide was helpful, if there is any problems please contact us!


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