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How connect VPS-server with remote desktop (Windows)

If you are having trouble logging in to the server, restart the server and try again. If this doesn't help, contact support or refer to this text guide.


Download and install VNC Viewer

Find your VPS server's VNC IP and VNC Port

You can easily find the VNC IP and VNC Port in the product information on the control panel or directly from our VPS management page, which can be found at this website:

-> Next, go to "Settings" -> A list of settings will appear and you will notice the items "VNC" and "VNC password".

-> Go to "VNC password" -> Choose a password that works for you and save it. -> Next, restart the server using the blue circular button with the arrows pointing towards each other. See the image below for reference.

-> Once the server has successfully restarted, go to the "VNC" settings. -> Open the VNC Viewer you just installed -> Enter the IP address and port number you saw in the "VNC" tab into the text field below. (Remember to always put a ":" between the IP address and the port number.)

Enter the VNC IP and VNC Port into the VNC Viewer program

To establish a connection, press ENTER or click the blue box below, as shown in the example above.

Enter the VNC password you just set.

Logging in to the server.

Once you have reached the login screen for the Windows server, enter the "root" password you wrote down during the ordering process.

If you cannot remember the password, you must reinstall the operating system from the "installations" section.

After successfully connecting to the server, you can close VNC Viewer and disconnect from the server. -> Next, use "Remote Desktop Connection" or a similar application on a MAC operating system to connect. (This is already installed on Windows-based operating systems.)

Connecting with Remote Desktop Connection

After opening the "Remote Desktop Connection" application, enter the server's IP address you were given into the text field. (Note that the VNC IP address is not the same as the server's own IP address). -> Next, press "Connect".


When you see the option shown in the image below, click "More choices".


Next, click "Use a different account".


Type "Administrator" in the "Username" text field. -> Type the "Root" password you set in the "Password" text field. -> Next, click "OK".

Next, click "Yes".


You have now successfully connected to the server. If you have any questions or need help, please submit a support ticket on this page:, and we will assist you as soon as possible.


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