How connect VPS-server with remote desktop (Windows)

How to Establish a Remote Desktop Connection to a VPS Server (Windows)

Welcome to the guide on how to log in to a Windows server operating system via a remote desktop connection application! There are two ways to connect to the server. The first one is through the "Remote Desktop" application, and the second one is using No VNC. If you prefer, you can proceed to the No VNC instructions. However, we recommend using the remote desktop connection as the primary method since it's faster!

To begin with, open the "Remote Desktop" application on your computer (Note! This should be pre-installed as standard equipment on Windows!) or any similar client designed for remote control. We recommend downloading Microsoft's own client from their store. You can download it separately for Windows! If you have a MAC computer, we also recommend using Microsoft's own client there. You can download it for your MAC computer from here!

Connecting via Remote Desktop

Start by opening this application. Once you have opened the "Remote Desktop" application, enter the server's IP address in the text field provided. (Note that the VNC IP address is not the same as the server's own IP address). -> Next, click "Connect"


When you see the option shown in the image below, click "More choices".


Next, click "Use a different account".


Type "Administrator" in the "Username" text field. -> Type the "Root" password you set in the "Password" text field. -> Next, click "OK".

Next, click "Yes".


You have now successfully connected to the server. If you have any unclear points or need assistance with a problem, please create a support request from this page, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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